16 -17 November 2023
San Marino
Kursaal Convention Centre

San Marino Accessible Tourism


UNWTO International Conference on Accessible Tourism

Advancing accessibility for destinations, companies and people

1st UNWTO Conference on Accessible Tourism in Europe – Programme

1st UNWTO Conference on Accessible Tourism in Europe – Updated Provisional Programme

Access City Award 2012 – Accessible Salzburg?

Accessibility for all

Activities in favour of people with disabilities

General information n.1

General information n.2

Heritage cities and universal accessibility

National tourism policies and universal accessibility in Portugal

NECSTouR Accesibility Task Force – Let’s give a shape to hospitality quality

Ospitalità Accessibile

Progetto “Siracusa e Noto anche in lingua dei segni”

Developing and promoting accessible destinations throughout England

San Marino, hospitality without barriers

Smart technologies fostering accessible tourism

Training modules on accessibility for tourism professionals

Universal Tourism in the EU: Are we there yet?