16 -17 November 2023
San Marino
Kursaal Convention Centre

San Marino Accessible Tourism


UNWTO International Conference on Accessible Tourism

Advancing accessibility for destinations, companies and people


  1. The World Tourism Organization and the Government of the Republic of San Marino are jointly organizing the UNWTO International Conference on Accessible Tourism “Tourism for All: Advancing accessibility for destinations, companies and people”, that will be held in San Marino on 16-17 November 2023.
  2. The Conference will take place at Kursaal Congress Centre Address: Viale J.F. Kennedy, 17 – 47890, San Marino, Republic of San Marino

    Tel: + 378 (0549) 882404

    Website: www.cvb.sm


  1. Registration to the Conference will be carried out online. The registration form is available on the San Marino Accessibile Tourism website. Participants are kindly requested to register by October 24th 2023.
  1. Identification badges: access to the areas set aside for the UNWTO International Conference on Accessible Tourism “Advancing accessibility for destinations, companies and people” will be restricted exclusively to participants wearing identification badges. Badges may be obtained at the Registration Desk, at the Kursaal Congress Centre (Ground Floor – Main Entrance), prior to the start of the Conference. There will be a preferential lane for people with disabilities and specific needs to fasten the registration procedure.
  1. For further information or assistance, kindly contact:  
    UNWTO: ecsr@unwto.orgrdeu@unwto.org
    San Marino: info@sanmarinoaccessibletourism.com


  1. The entry into the Republic of San Marino from within Italy is not a subject to any border control between the two countries. However, participants may apply for a visa to enter Italy, if required by the latter. The following website provides detailed and updated information in this regard:
    Visto per Italia
  1. The Italian consular authorities will issue visas to delegates attending the UNWTO Conference on Accessible Tourism in Europe at the corresponding Embassies/ Consulates of Italy, according to the legislation of the European Union.
  2. Visa and entry requirements:
    – You do not have to obtain a visa for San Marino, but you need a transit visa to enter Italy. Participants requiring a Schengen visa are strongly advised to contact the nearest Italian diplomatic representation in their country of residence and submit their visa application as soon as possible in order to secure the required entry visa prior to departure. Please ensure that you allow sufficient time to process your visa request.
    – For visa requirements and application form, please visit Italy’s Online Visa System accessible at this web link – Visto per Italia


A complimentary shuttle service between Bologna airport, Rimini Railway station and the Kursall Congress Center is available but must be booked in advance at the time of the event registration or by email to: info@sanmarinoaccessibletourism.com


From Bologna Airport to San Marino: the meeting point is arrival hall, where there will be a hostess who will direct you to the shuttle

15th November leaving at 1 p.m.

15th November leaving at 8 p.m.

From Rimini Railway to San Marino: the meeting point is Via Cesare Battisti, 122

15th November leaving at approx. 2.45 p.m.

15th November leaving at approx. 9.45 p.m.

From San Marino to Bologna airport: the meeting point is in front of the Kursall Congress Center (we ask you to already bring your suitcase, which you can leave at the Kursaal with the name of the owner)

17th November leaving at 1.30 p.m. and arriving at the airport at approx. 4.15 p.m.

17th November leaving at 4.30 p.m and arriving at the airport at approx. 7.15 p.m.

18th  November at 7.30 a.m. and arriving at the airport at approx. 10.30 a.m. (for this service, the collection of participants will take place at the hotels according to bookings, starting from the city downwards)

From San Marino to Rimini Railway: the meeting point is in front of the Kursall Congress Center

17th November leaving at 1.30 p.m. and arriving at the railway at approx. 2.30 p.m.

17th November leaving at 4.30 p.m and arriving at the railway at approx. 5.30 p.m.

18th  November at 7.30 a.m. and arriving at the railway at approx. 8.30 a.m. ((for this service, the collection of participants will take place at the hotels according to bookings, starting from the city downwards) 

A complimentary shuttle service is also available from the affiliated hotels to the Congress center and vice versa; the timetable will be displayed at the reception of your hotel; for all other hotels, the transfer to and from the Congress center is autonomous.

How to reach the Republic of San Marino

Located in central Italy, 10 km from the Adriatic Sea as the crow flies, San Marino is easily accessible thanks to straightforward road connections with Italy.

Getting to San Marino by car

Via A14 motorway Bologna-Ancona – exit at Rimini Sud – Superhighway Rimini-San Marino SS72


Via A14 motorway Bologna-Ancona – exit at Rimini Nord – provincial road (SP) n° 258 called “Marecchiese”

Getting to San Marino by train

Get off the train at Rimini Train Station and go to San Marino by bus.

Trenitalia call centre: from Italy – tel. 892021 – Trenitalia call centre: from abroad – tel. (+39) 06 68475475 | www.trenitalia.com

Getting to San Marino by air

There are three airports close to the Republic of San Marino:

  1. Rimini “Federico Fellini” Intl. Airport – San Marino at 27 km – www.riminiairport.com 
  2. Bologna “G. Marconi” airport at 132 km – www.bologna-airport.it
    Once you have landed at the airport you can head to the “Shuttle Italy Airport” shuttle that goes from Bologna to Rimini.
    References: Shuttle Bologna airport-Rimini | www.shuttleitalyairport.it
  1. Ancona “delle Marche” airport at 115 km – www.ancona-airport.com

Getting to San Marino by bus

A bus connects Rimini and San Marino every day including weekends and holidays. Tickets can be bought directly on the bus.

References: Fratelli Benedettini spa | T +378 903854 | www.benedettinispa.com

Purchase tickets:
Benedettini Bus Tickets and Bonelli Bus Tickets

Information on parking in San Marino

Parking rates for cars: 1 hour stay: € 1.50 | 2 hours stay: € 3.00 | from 3 to 5 hours stay: € 4.50 | whole day: € 8.00

Parking rate for visitors staying in San Marino hotels: Cars € 4.00 (24 hours)

The nearest parking lot to the congress center is number 3; however, for safety reasons, only authorized cars and people with disabilities are allowed to enter and park. It offers 150 parking spaces and an accessible toilet. Among the 150 spaces, 7 are reserved to people with disabilities and 2 are for electric car charging parking.

You can also park your car in the multi-storey car park number 9, which is about 1 km from the Congress Centre and from which a shuttle service to and from the Kursaal is available at the following times:
  • on 16 November from 8.30 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • on 17 November from 8.45 a.m. to 2.15 p.m.
The collection point is in Piazza delle Nazioni Unite, opposite the entrance to Parking 9 in Via Gino Giacomini.


  1. Special room rates have been obtained for the delegates of the UNWTO International Conference on Accessible Tourism “Advancing accessibility for destinations, companies and people”, in the official hotels of the Conference.
  1. Participants are encouraged to reserve their accommodation as soon as possible.
  1. Reservation procedure:
    1. Reservations/cancelations should be made using the reservation link.
    2. For emergency & info regarding accommodation, contact travel@sanmarinoaccessibletourism.com 
    3. A limited number of rooms at special rates is available for the above-mentioned period.
    4. A limited number of accessible rooms is available at the selected hotels. 
    5. Delegates are advised to book early in order to ensure a room that meets all their requirements. 
    6. The rates present on the official San Marino Accessibile Tourism website, in the “accommodation” section, are to be considered special and fixed for the conference period (from 15 November to 18 November).
    7. The rates on the official website are per room per night, including VAT and other applicable taxes.
    8. During the booking process, make sure which services and treatments are included in the rates.
    9. Payment for rooms on the official website must be made via Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card or via bank transfer.
    10. Cancellation policy: 100% refund in case of cancellation up to 3 days before arrival not refundable in case of cancellation less than 3 days before arrival or in case of a no-show.

Hotels & Rates: San Marino Accessibile Tourism website

Applicable Taxes on room rates

The tourist tax is not included and must be paid directly to the hotel.


  1. The Congress Progamme is visible here
  2. On DAY 1 from 20:00 to 21:30 there will be the Gala Dinner. The Gala dinner will be held at the Kursal Congress Center. A complimentary shuttle service is available at 6:00 pm from the Kursal to reach the affiliated hotels and back to the Congress Center in time for the Gala Dinner. Please check the timetables at the reception of your hotel.


  1. The working language of the Conference will be English and Italian. Simultaneous
    interpretation will be provided from English to Italian and vice versa. Italian and
    international sign language interpreters will be available. Captioning will be provided
    in English.
  2. The Documents of the Conference will be available for participants in the following link: Working Documents


  1. The event program includes dining breaks, including coffee breaks, lunches, and a gala dinner. During the registration process, you were asked to inform us of any intolerances and specific dietary requirements. These have been taken into account by our chef, and we will ensure that the indicated dietary needs are met. If you haven’t specified your specific requirements during the registration process, we kindly ask you to do so now by sending an email to: info@sanmarinoaccessibletourism.com


    1. CLIMATE: San Marino has a Mediterranean climate. In November, temperatures might be cool and variable, with an average maximum temperature of maximum 13 ºC and minimum 5 ºC. It may rain.


Here’s what you might consider packing in your suitcase:

Layered clothing: Lightweight jackets, long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts that can be worn together to adapt to temperature changes.

Jacket or coat: Evenings can become chilly, so it’s advisable to bring a light jacket or coat.

Comfortable shoes: San Marino has uphill streets and uneven pavement, so it’s best to wear comfortable and sturdy shoes for exploring the area.

Umbrella or raincoat: Although it’s not the period of heavy rains, it’s always good to be prepared for brief showers.

Formal attire (if necessary): If you plan to attend formal events or elegant dinners, you might need appropriate clothing.

Adapter plug: If necessary, bring an electrical adapter plug to charge electronic devices.

Medications: Bring all the medications you usually take, as well as a selection of over-the-counter medications that might be useful during your trip.

Documents and insurance: Make sure to bring your travel documents, passport, and any travel insurance you may have.

Remember that necessities can vary based on planned activities and personal preferences, so customize your list according to your specific travel needs.

  1. LANGUAGE: Italian
  1. OFFICIAL TIME AND BUSINESS HOURS: The local time is Greenwich Mean Time plus one hour. Banks are open Monday to Friday approx. from 8:30/13.00- 14.30/15:35. ATMs (cash machines) are available around the city and shops accept major credit cards.
  1. OFFICIAL CURRENCY: The official currency of San Marino is Euro (EUR). The exchange rate applicable in October 2023 is approximately USD to 1 EUR.
  1. ELECTRIC POWER: Electric power in San Marino is 220 volts, 50 hertz alternating current. Outlets take plugs with two round pins. In any case, most hotels have adaptors for different plug types. Please make sure that the electrical devices you will be using (computers, mobile phone chargers, electric shavers…) are suitable for this voltage, otherwise transformers or batteries are advisable.
  1. MEDICAL SERVICES: San Marino has good hospital services and a medical emergency centre. The venue of the meeting will have an ambulance service available on the spot.


San Marino Tourism Board Official website: www.visitsanmarino.com


We have done our best to make the event as accessible as possible. However, for any issues, complaints, suggestions, or assistance, please feel free to contact us at + 39 335 7938320 or via email at travel@aism.it. Our accessibility consultant will be at your disposal during the event.